LIE A. –
That’s why I was surprised to have to give her a call. I had finished two conversations with horrified clients of IGG, who were completely unaware that they were paying her to spam my blog. One of those clients has been fielding phone calls from other bloggers who were kind enough to let him know that IGG was leaving comments like these…… (OH AND MR AUSTIN CRIM DEF ATTY, WHERE ARE THEIR NAMES SINCE YOU ARE SO DISCLOSING????? DON’T YOU WANT YOUR VISITORS TO KNOW???)

My clients are not pissed, not canceling, don’t really care and furthermore are more irritated with the BEST CRIM DEF ATTY IN Austin whining on the phone.

Really, I feel like Lady GA GA – thank you for your comments, I’ll take them good or bad. I have a backbone, I tell the truth, I am not scared of cyber bullies and I’ll stand up for my clients like I have for 13yrs+ hence why I was the #1 rep in LexisNexis/Martindale-Hubbell (and internet specialist) in the country.
I don’t justify the traffic to my blog, I don’t blog to bully Mr., I damn sure don’t love myself more than my clients, I don’t lie to make myself look better on my blog, and I’m a little more ladylike and don’t point fingers back in the grubby lil noses of pretentious internet amateurs trying to practice url.

Remember, before you go to sleep, close your door and put your porch light on and someone will ring and politely ask to come on in……………….goodnight