Just want to share that I am not perfect. As you all know yourselves when you’ve had a bad partnership and one of the parties gets the short end of the stick. In more ways than one. The professional thing to do is to move forward, keep your head up high, and not speak badly so that you do the right thing when others are doing the wrong thing.

What I am is severely loyal, to my clients, my family, my friends. As many of my attorney clients know from first hand experience, I am able to take the heat on a mistake but more importantly I fight tooth and nail for my clients to be treated fairly and not be screwed with false promises or overpaying or any other problems. I’ve gone to battle for many clients and even have clients still call me for advice from another former employer. I stop and help them, because that’s what I do.
I’ll continue to help anytime I can and when needed.

My former employer has not been very professional by disclosing opinions as false truths.
Remember, as always, you can be forthright to me, I will always advise what is in your best interest and not my own.
I welcome anyone to always contact me first hand to know the TRUTH.
That’s why I have been so blessed in working with the legal vertical for over 13yrs.

My reputation is “precious to me,” and I’ve worked too hard to be bad mouthed.
Thanks for a moment of your time.