Your kids??????????????
That if you move to another country and take your kids and live there for 6mos or more…………your kids are subject to the courts and jurisdiction of THAT COUNTRY. Even if you’re a US citizen.
Our USA doesn’t have laws in place to protect our children from the jurisdiction of other countries.

My client’s client and her husband who she is divorcing, were US Diplomats in Dubai. He speaks fluent Arabic. He petitioned the the UAE for their divorce and custody to be heard in their courts and it was granted. He also accused her of infidelity. The courts there do NOT provide a translator and are not for the children or wife. She’s subjected to the punishment of their courts decision (like we all understand how muslims punish their women). “She’s in hiding right now to keep her children from being forcibly removed from this country and taken to the United Arab Emirates.”
One of our good ole’ faithful Texas courts in San Antonio is not taking steps in to protect our very own children.

DON’T EVER EVER EVER TAKE YOUR KIDS TO ANOTHER COUNTRY (to go expat, military, or for work) if you don’t want this to happen to your children who are the most important thing to your world.

THE USA needs to protect the citizenship and jurisdiction of our children here where they are from and where they should remain.
Learn the country you are going considering moving to before you ever think about moving your kids there.

Praying for Natalie and her boys!!!!!