Recently I (Sparta Townson of Internet Guru Girl) met with an attorney in San Antonio who shared with me about taking all of his many years of experience and try to use it passionately for helping folks save their marriages or relationships or help those beginning or considering marriage. This gentlemen and his fiance’ are both taking great strides into using the knowledge and helping folks to be happy, stay married, and prepare for marriage or work on any type of relationship you are in.

While he has just begun doing this and had his first seminar on Sept 25,2010, he has already made an impact.
Below you will see a testimonial on one of the parties who attended:

Having been in many workshops, I’m hard to impress. In this workshop, I was impressed by two things: First, that yet more can be learned about this subject. Who would have thought I could learn more after all the workshops and books out there! Secondly, is the personhood of the presenter. By that I mean in his 29 years as a divorce lawyer, and witnessing immense suffering, Steve decided to DO SOMETHING about it. That speaks volumes. His high integrity level and compassion for reaching people permeate the Reality Relationship Seminar. And the content is well researched and eye brow raising. Also, having his lovely wife Jeannine there gave an added dimension of what a loving, synergistic relationship looks like. One cannot help but walk out thinking about things differently. In fact, Steve was able to reframe an issue I thought I would never be free of! How do you know when you’ve been in a great workshop? The time just flew by and people didn’t want to leave. It was a positive, powerful and empowering experience!”

–Deborah Stein, Presentation Specialist

His website is under construction and he will soon be accessible off Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin, please take a look at his vision and what he brings to you to help you: