Facebook’s battle with Google to become the largest site on the internet is

heating up, as the site became the most visited website in the United States for the third time in a one week period. On New Year’s Day, Facebook was able to surpass Google as the most popular website in the United States based on recent data from Hitwise. The trend is clear: Facebook is on the fast track to becoming the largest global internet site.

It’s a great way for Facebook to kick off the new year, and my guess is they’d like to end it by becoming the largest site in the United States, if not the world. As I pointed out over Christmas, it’s all too often that Facebook is compared to MySpace and other social networks. As I wrote on Tuesday though, such a comparison is pretty much pointless since Facebook’s dominance is so massive at this point.

Yes, all you internet entrepreneurs should get down on your knees and bow before the all powerful Facebook!! O.k., maybe not on your knees but you get the idea: most numbers show that Facebook’s popularity continues to soar and the company on a short path to beating Google. There’s no doubt that the history of Facebook will become a business story told many times over as it’s rapidly becoming a legitimate competitor to the most dominant internet company in the world.