Remember these?If you’re like me, you use your iPhone as your only phone, and that includes work. But how often have you been on a conference call or talking with a client, only to be interrupted by a friend or family member? Both parties hear the call waiting sound, and unfortunately, know if you’re on the other line (or not).
On POTS lines, all you had to do was dial *70 before your call to temporarily disable call waiting. But this only worked when you dialed first.
On the iPhone, it’s even easier:
Go to Settings. This icon is usually on the first page of your iPhone. Tap it.
Tap on “Phone”.
Right below your displayed phone number is a box that says “Calls”. Tap the “Call Waiting” and just slide the function on or off.
Don’t forget to enable call-waiting again after your call. Just follow the same three steps above.
I hope this helps!
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