What I mean by this is that if you are contracted with a company and it’s end of your agreement, IGG (Internet Guru Girl) can move your site to us for a nominal fee and eliminate your monthly nut. I’m specifically talking about the web site itself only in the example below.
You have a site with another company, you’re paying $1000/mo or $12k/year, it’s your site to take w/you if you elect not to renew. I can move it and literally save you $9900 for the year. It will still continue to do what it is doing right now.
Now if you have other services with a company and you aren’t sure if they are worth keeping, IGG will do a complimentary analysis and advise you at no charge. Professionally, more than likely there will be features that are in your best interest to keep and I’ll certainly encourage you to do so.

There is a huge myth with larger companies to sell you into monthly payments, and hold your site hostage, and even brain wash you to continue paying for this in your 2nd year throughout the years of your relationship. This is NOT IN YOUR BEST INTEREST and is ROBBING YOU OF YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLAR.

Look forward to hearing from you when you are interested in saving money while maintaining a great presence on the web.

Sparta Komissarove