Web surfers can be fickle or committed visitors when it comes to staying on websites. However, typically, most web viewers do not stay long on a web page. The average page is viewed for less than a minute ─ hence, the 60 second rule.

Jakob Nielsen is a well known web marketing research authority. In his article “How Long Do Visitors Stay on Web Pages?”, he explains your window to grab the viewer’s attention is a matter of seconds. Whether or not you grab their attention is all about the keywords, the quality of your message, design layout and the user friendliness of the web page.
Here’s what he says:

*Bad web pages get dropped in a few seconds
*Good web pages may enjoy a visit for a few minutes

Each web viewer is unique, but overall statistics tell the tale. Who decides to stay or leave also depends on the reason for the search, personal preferences and other factors. Even so ─

*The first 10 seconds are crucial. Many visitors leave during this interim.
*If viewers last 20 more seconds, reaching 30 seconds, research shows they cross a threshold where they are likely to stay longer.
*Getting your viewer to last 30 seconds is vital for a stay to reach 60 seconds or even several minutes.

The longer your web page has been engaging visitors, the more likely it is to continue doing so. When web visitors decide your page is valuable, they are more likely to linger.

If web visitors find your web page “unworthy,” they drop it like a hot potato and move on quickly.

At Internet Guru Girl, I run analytics on my clients’ sites to see how long visitors stay and we make adjustments to improve traffic.

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