Nothing tells the story like statistics, and statistics let you know why social media is vital for web marketing. If you’re not maintaining your social media, your marketing will be less effective. Social Media primarily includes: YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.

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Social media effects on  search engine optimization (SEO)

According to Problogger, 38% of companies that integrate social media into their marketing have a successful SEO strategy and do very well with search engine rankings. The 50% who aren’t doing well, have not integrated social media into their marketing at all.

Social signals from social media

Statistics show Google evaluates social signals (likes, shares, tweets or +1 for Google+ along with links) when determining your search engine (SE) ranking. When Google rates shares, the most highly valued share is the Google+ share (+1). You should make sure that Google+ is a social media form that you use, especially if you can only use a few. In the Spearman correlation coefficient, Google+ was the top rated search engine ranking factor. (2014 statistics). This is interesting because Google+ is newer to the social media community and doesn’t have as many followers as Facebook or Twitter. Even so, it pulls a higher ranking with the Google algorithm in terms of search engine placement.

Facebook is not far behind, and with more than 900 million users, this isn’t surprising. Backlinks (links from other websites to your website) are the next most influential factor, followed by Pinterest, then Tweets.

Further down on the list of factors that influence ranking, you’ll find the length of the URL, number of internal links, position of keyword in the title, word count and keywords in the content body, to name a few.

Put a web professional on your team

Many factors go into making your web marketing effective, and anyone who is serious about promoting their business should work with a web professional. At Internet Guru Girl (IGG), we take your marketing seriously and devise a strategy that is tailored to help you grow your business.