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Attorney Chana Borman5 star review

“I absolutely and unqualifiedly recommend the work of Internet Guru Girl for your business marketing needs. Sparta and her IGG associates created and manages my law firm’s website and coordinates my firm’s social media marketing and internet presence. The website creation was handled beautifully: Timetables were given and met; content was produced exactly as I wanted; the “look” of the website was perfect for my company’s vision. Sparta and her team understood who I am and what I wanted to convey more than I imagined anyone could. The ongoing management of the website is absolutely PAINLESS.

Requested changes are made on request, without my having to struggle to get the desired result. The social media marketing Internet Guru Girl does for me to increase my internet presence is beyond my expectations. Sparta of IGG is committed to finding and posting about current events both in the practice area of my law firm and in my community, working to promote awareness of my law firm’s skills and services, and keeping my name, face and business in the forefront of the public eye in a sparkling and engaging manner.

Every event I attend or place I go, folks comment about how much they enjoy what “I” (really Sparta) post on Facebook and other social media sites. In fact, I have never received any negative comments for the work Sparta’s done in the two plus years she has been handling my internet presence — which is truly a feat in and of itself. I could not recommend Sparta and Internet Guru Girl more highly for the quality work they do, the tireless effort they put forth, the broad knowledge they offer, and the seamless way all of the work is put together to make me look GREAT in the public eye. Thank you, Sparta and Internet Guru Girl for all you do!”

Attorney Kim Killebrew

5 star review

“II have known Sparta for a long time. She puts her heart into each project she works on. Sparta and her team did a beautiful job designing my logo and website and handling my social media. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on both!”

Attorney Charity Borserine

5 star review

“I have known Sparta since I was a newly licensed attorney. She has always been the utmost professional. Her guidance on social media marketing has been a great asset to building my new practice. Sparta’s vast knowledge related to internet and social media marketing is amazing. 10000% satisfied in her work.”

Custom Window Treatments
John Hutchinson
5 star review

“Sparta designed and built a fantastic website for my wife’s window treatment business, as well as managed her Social Media postings. I joined the company recently and have pestered Sparta with lots of questions and website updates. She is personable yet professional and continues to do a great job. I highly recommend Internet Guru Girl!”

Kimberly P. Killebrew
Denton, Texas
5 star review

“…She always made sure to follow up with me to make sure that I received the products and services that I had ordered and to answer any questions I might have about them or how to use the products.”

Betsy Homan
San Antonio, Texas
5 star review

“Sparta Komissarova and her team listened to my ideas, reviewed my sketches and understood the brand I wanted my interior design business to convey. They developed my ideas into the most beautiful user friendly site. And as awards and published articles came up they were extremely accommodating, adding them seamlessly to the site. As an interior designer, I was very particular on the graphics, exact colors I wanted. Not only did they meet my expectations they exceeded it! All the team members at Internetgurugirl are very easy to work with and are eager to promote and build my business on the web. The compliments have poured in from vendors, clients and friends remarking that my new website is so professional and beautiful. So thank you Internetgurugirl for a fabulous job!“

Kathy J Black
Conroe, Texas
5 star review

“…I have always gotten wonderful compliments regarding my website and have people state they called me only because my website was so informative and positive.”

Judge Bob McGrath

5 star review

“Almost 3 years ago, I was referred to Ms. Sparta to build a website for my new mediation business. I was in need of a quick turn around because a man on the West Coast had posted some incorrect, in my opinion, information about me and it was killing me in getting new business. I explained my situation to Sparta and she had a website up and running in what seemed like record speed. Try that with layers of management and tech support to wade through.

A year later my son joined me in my practice and we needed more web presence. I left the final decision to him but it came down to my choice of going again with the one I had experience with (Sparta) and the one my son seemed to think was better able to handle our needs because of their size.

Sparta gave us a very competitive price and it came down to me having to let the son earn his oats by being responsible for the choice. A good decision between us as partners, but it turned out to be a disaster. We were “salesmaned” to death with promises and no follow through. Opposite of my experience with Sparta, it took forever to get up and running. They said months and it was a month more.

We had one specific piece of information that sets us above the rest and we made it abundantly clear that this had to be at the top of our search response. It was not there initially and it took months for it to get it there. Once we got up the management ladder to someone who felt responsible it was done in two days, proving that it should have been done months earlier. When we asked for a price adjustment, they offered to extend our one-year contract to two at the same price. They thought by offering us twice of what we were not happy with that they were doing something for us.

I know Sparta could have done our job quickly and when it comes to advertising, quick is money. Every day that went by waiting for the website was money we could have been putting in the bank. In the end I know our decision to go with the bigger guy was a bigger mistake. It is without hesitation that I suggest you go with Sparta. Not just because she is not big. A lot of her services are big. The real advantage knows when she tells you something, it is going to happen and happen when she says it will. If Sparta had been given our second job, we would have had fewer lunches with the salesman, but way more lunches with the new clients. Need I say more?” “

Attorney Allen Roach5 star review

“5+ Stars! Sparta is the real GOAT/Guru. Her knowledge of what a firm needs to hit the internet/media scene is amazing. Quite a professional and knows her stuff! Highly reccommend!!!”

Attorney Thomas Little5 star review

“Sparta, the Internet Guru Girl, and her team designed and built a website for my firm, including our logo and social media accounts. They’ve all turned out fantastic! Sparta and her team did an amazing job and I’m very happy to have had the pleasure of working with her! Thank you Internet Guru Girl!”

Howard E. Watt, Denton,Texas5 star review

“…She is an incredibly hard-working and competent person with whom I have worked on a number of business projects. She is always very professional in her approach in how to help me with my business.”

Jamie L. Graham5 star review

“Sparta entered into my office years ago when I was starting my family law practice. It took me six months to decide to market via the web. I am so glad that I did. Now, my practice is thriving and I have more clients than I can keep up with. Not only is Sparta incredibly personable, but she is able to explain the high tech world in such a way that even I could understand it. Sparta is the best in the business. When she says that she can do it, she can.”

“T-Roy” Troy Broussard
Beaumont, Texas
5 star review

“My name is T-Roy Broussard and I am a current cast member of “Swamp People.” Sparta built my business website; Sparta (Internet Guru Girl) did an outstanding job compiling all of my information into a very successful web page. My business has grown tremendously as a result. During the entire process, Sparta was very helpful showing me how to navigate my site and how to maximize coverage. Any problems I encountered, Sparta was there to help remedy the situation. I would recommend using her for any of your website needs.“

Brenda D. Keen
Houston, Texas
5 star review

“…Sparta’s work was impeccable – she was always thorough, and never failed to follow through with me, particularly when there were problems, mistakes, or just ‘bumps in the road.'”

Dentist Dr. Baker
5 star review

“Sparta of Internet Guru Girl really understood what it was that we wanted for our new practice. She spent a lot of time with me making sure that I understood the website, online marketing, social media and blogging. The process of creating the site was superior service. I was happy with the first draft of the design of the website but she wasn’t and even said “no, let me make it perfect” and that she did. I was beyond pleased with the site when it was finished. Ramping up a new practice can be cumbersome and she was able to get clients into our office in the first 60 days before the direct mail she created had even dropped. She’s a class act! If you’d like to hear my opinion of hiring her, listen to these:
YouTube Video
YouTube Video

Attorney Michael De La Paz

5 star review

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sparta and her team for several years. They have repeatedly produced high quality, effective, and professional results. Their level of customer service and attention to detail is exceptional. I highly recommend her to clients and colleagues that are looking for a great business relationship to establish a strong online presence.”

Brian Cherry of Power Labor USA

5 star review

“Sparta is the INTERNET GURU!!! She did an amazing job on my website and is crazy good at social media. Use her you will be glad you did!”

Attorney Stuart Brown

5 star review

“This company does what it promises to do…and more! Exceptional work and service.”

Home Staging Millie White5 star review

“Sparta saved my business from drowning after it took a hard hit during the pandemic. Her SEO knowledge and insight is excellent. She has brought my business back to where it was pre-Covid. She is an incredible source of information!”

Real Estate Investor
Missy Arnaud
5 star review

“I couldn’t express enough of our appreciation on what SPARTA has done to help with Airbnb’s on social media. She has worked hard to make sure that our FB Page was everything we wanted to make our post, content to stand out from others.

Thank you Sparta for all the hard work. I highly recommend INTERNET GURU GIRL.”

Todd Shapiro
Plano, Texas
5 star review

“…She was always dependable, reliable, and easy to work with. She had our firm’s success constantly in the forefront of her efforts. She was thorough and accountable, and continually checked in with us to make sure all our needs were accounted for…”

Robin Gonzales
Austin, Texas
5 star review

“I had the pleasure of working with Sparta Komissarova and her professional staff at Internet Guru Girl on the development and implementation of my website. As an interior designer, the overall visual aspect of my site was of the utmost importance because I rely on my website to attract clients and communicate about my style. IGG nailed it by giving me a sophisticated, user-friendly, elegant site. Everyone at IGG from the content writers to the graphic designers not only did everything I asked, they went above and beyond to ensure I was delighted with the design. I truly felt that Sparta and each member of her team was invested in making my website the very best it could be and I am thrilled with the result!”

Letty Gavito
5 star review

“Sparta met with me several times to discuss the design of my webpage a couple of years ago. What I found most helpful about those meetings was that she listened to my concerns and questions and she answered in a ‘non-technical’ way, which was what I needed in order to have a webpage that would meet the practical needs of my clients. She is very creative and it was fun to work with her to select logo, colors, graphics and pictures. To this day, I get compliments on my website and clients!”

Attorney Stuart Brown5 star review

“Sparta does truly exceptional work! Working with her grew our business way, way faster than expected!!!”

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