Today many businesses are incorporating social media ─ Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube ─ into their web marketing.

A 2013 study called “Social to Sale” based its findings on 6,000 survey responses about the three largest social networks ─ Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Results were geared toward understanding the relationship between social and sales showed:

  • Social media drives approximately equal amounts of sales online and in-store
  • 50% of social media-related purchasing occurs within one week of sharing or favoriting store items
  • Pinterest is most likely to drive spontaneous purchasing
  • Facebook and Twitter influence social media related purchases for products that viewers were already researching or considering

Ranking the effectiveness of various web marketing approaches
MarketingProfs reports that blogs have the greatest influence on consumers’ decisions to buy. Consumers ranked blogs as more influential than social networks in 2013 digital research ─ but not by much. Here’s how consumers ranked web marketing:

Internet Guru Girl Social Media Statistics

The Small Business Administration (SBA)has made recommendations for the amount of revenue small businesses should devote to sales and marketing. According to the SBA, small businesses doing less than $5 million a year and with net profit margins between 10 and 12 percent should spend about 7 to 8 percent of their gross incomes on marketing and advertising.

To maximize your reach to potential customers and clients, you should incorporate social media into your web marketing. At Internet Guru Girl, we can tailor marketing strategies to help you meet your business goals.