Sparta Komissarova Townson of Internet Guru Girl, IGG and deems it necessary to share with all my very long time clients, future clients and affiliates that all the drama and negativity that individuals are stating are purely a matter of opinion.

Many if not most attorneys have worked for a law firm, or have been partners with each other, and then something happens and another one is disgruntled and sadly the firm or partnership dissolves. There are instances where there is bad blood. It’s unfortunate as you went into the partnership with high hopes.

Same in my case, I worked for also known as Lexis-Nexis, then a startup, and now on my own. I am thankful to Martindale-Hubbell for being a part of my life as I loved working there. Attorneys have blessed me with doing business with me and return I’ve earned their trust and they are following me to my own company Internet Guru Girl if they know my business name or just Sparta Townson.

What I would like to say and for those that have stayed in contact as friends or as clients, is that I’m truly fine. I accept that part of building a business comes with “not being able to make everyone happy”. I (Sparta Townson) have personal and professional pride in what I do and genuinely care about the outcome of what I’m able to help them do with their online visibility wether it be a web site, social marketing, blogs, video, SEO, etc.


Sparta Townson of IGG (Internet Guru Girl) is letting you know that one of the bloggers who is writing lots of hateful and degrading comments about me and my team is someone who I once did business with years ago, who has been in his home, met his partner who is his wife, kids and remembers when I entered his home that I loved it. I also remember a very good experience with him about the work we did together. I’m not sure why he has been so tenacious about bashing Internet Guru Girl and even me personally “Sparta Townson” as it’s been many years since we’ve been associated. I actually forgive him for any comments and any future hateful words.

I WILL STATE FOR THE RECORD, Internet Guru Girl will not ever use my blog to attempt at harming another party, company or individual. It’s not proper etiquette. I actually feel sympathy for the party and their clan who seems to have so much time in being sheer mean.

Thanks to Patrick Malkmes of PMX and many others and mostly my attorneys for support, doing a great job, knowing good from evil and backing Internet Guru Girl and Sparta Townson up.