Plain and simple.  Let me give you an example:

  If you have a website built for $1000/mon ($12k for the year), you should NOT be paying that price for year 2, 3, 4, etc.  You should pay some minor fees such as hosting, maintenance of a site (minor money) and ONLY pay for tweaks when they are needed or updating a site, adding pages.  But if you do nothing, you damn sure shouldn’t be dropping $1000/mon when it’s a cash cow for all those companies after your first year.  IT’S A HOAX.

Now, if you have directory listings and the cost of the click per dollar ration is worth maintaining, then you might keep those and most times they are worth keeping.

Link building is crucial, social marketing is crucial, and video is a MUST.    Link building is a monthly cost and NO COUCH POTATO JOB.  Social mktg and video is a “ONE TIME DEAL” NOT a forever let’s make these huge companies rich deal.

You simply SHOULD really be MAKING TIME to visit with me.  I can save you thousands of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

You work too damn hard to piss it away.

The OWNER OF Internet Guru Girl sais SO!!!!!!!!